Strut Your Stuff

by Buckhorn Mountain Stompers

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Hold onto your Kishkas folks! The Buckhorn Mountain Stompers are releasing their first full-length album: "Strut Your Stuff" on May 13, 2016. The proverbial Magic Wagon is leaking prodigious amounts of hip shakin’ crude oil, running on all 3 cylinders, is shifted into overdrive, and has left the mysterious Klamath Mountains to invade your town like a Lithuanian Hill Country militia. Fully loaded with an arsenal of banjos, accordions, fiddles, harmonicas, spoons, glockenspiels, crunchy guitars, cowbells, clarinets and an upright bass, we’ve got songs that will flatten the hills and straighten your curves.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your Plymouth Voyager, waiting for your non-fat, soy, Madagascar vanilla latte; speeding a sporty Fiat through the Transylvanian countryside, in a turtleneck; lounging with Freak Nasty in a shiny white 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille on the Las Vegas strip; or exhibiting your manliness in a jacked up F-350, coming back from a boar hunt outside of Happy Camp; the Buckhorn Mountain Stompers new album is guaranteed to please.


released May 13, 2016

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Taylor Aglipay. Recorded at Aglipay Music Studios, Weaverville, CA. All songs written by the Buckhorn Mountain Stompers except St. James Infirmary (Traditional). Produced by the Buckhorn Mountain Stompers - Michael Kielich Banjo, Guitar, Vocals Taylor Aglipay Upright Bass, Guitar, Accordion, Clarinet, Saxophone, Backup Vocals, Drums and Percussion Danyel Aglipay Fiddle, Glockenspiel, Backup Vocals Eric White Mouth Harp, Harmonica Steve Cantrell Drums and Percussion Anne Dezort Backup Vocals on Shake Them Bones and St. James Infirmary Kielich Family Backup Vocals on Comfy Bed, Breakfast Time and St. James Infirmary Ben Harper Trombone on Hoppin' Tap Ludwina Brunhilde Von Aglipay Backup Vocals on Shake Them Bones. Special thanks to Joe Corey, Nathaniel Gravette, the lovely and gracious Lisa Kielich and the Kielich Family. Cover Illustration by Courtney Blazon. CD Design by Jefferson Thomas.


all rights reserved



Buckhorn Mountain Stompers California

Foot Stomping dance music from the Klamath Mountains.

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Track Name: Shake Them Bones
What can I do?

Shake them bones

What is the time?

The time is now.

What can I do?

Shake them bones

Gotta shake them bones

Well I’ve been in this jungle before

It’s a world of monkeys for sure


I don’t ask for much

Gotta get on up and shake them bones

What can I do

Howl at the moon

What is the time

The time is now

What can I do

Gotta Howl at the moon

Well I’ve been on this mountain before

There has always been a valley below


I don’t ask for much x2

Gotta get on up and howl at the moon.
Track Name: Hoppin' Tap
Feather in my cap a hoppin tap

Pickety peck rubber neck

silver string too pluck it for you

don’t cheat or lie got a crooked eye

cockadoodle doo howdy ya do

strut your stuff on that dance floor x2

cry out more more more more more

got a wobbly hip a tappin tip

got the knack slippity slap

get a willin hand woman or man

that caught your eye oh me oh my

cockadoodle doo howdy ya do

strut your stuff on that dance floor x2

cry out more more more more more

into overdrive with a super slide

let it pop don’t you stop

let it bump around that stump

a feathered rat cuttin that mat

cockadoodle doo howdy ya do

strut your stuff on that dance floor x2

cry out more more more more more

flap those wings shake those things

feet are kickin like a chicken

do the shuffle feather ruffle

never enough strut that stuff

cockadoodle doo howdy ya do

strut your stuff on that dance floor x2

cry out more more more more more

(pulse hit bass then 5th string)

biggity bang slibbety slam

hot dog man rollin that stand

keep it movin all that groovin

chippity chop on that block

bitty bo wiggle that dough

all that stuff ain’t enuff

what you sellin watermelon

mack says jump move that rump

Huell Howser do the schnauzer

What you makin sizzling bacon

Diggity dog box spring hog

Dick cheney is insaney

Let it busto mucho gusto

Bassin beat movin that street

Sippity soup here’s the scoop

Milk that cow don’t stop now

Bread baker money maker

Don’t sell your soul jelly roll

One hip cat a coonskin cap

Sticks and stones skin and bones

In the funk move that junk

Blah blah blah Rush Limbaugh
Track Name: Black Crow
If I was a bird I'd be a black crow
fly up into the blue above that big ol show
and away from me and you
away from this madness
and into that big ol blue

Black Crow coming out of the badlands
Tail Lit on Fire Looking into the heart of man

Black crow where are you headed today
I'm headed to the barn where there is trouble in the hay

Black Crow where have you been
Down on Mary's farm in the chicken house again

Black crow piercing through the sky
Cawing his caw headed for the corn and the rye

Black Crow chased by a scrub jay
Squawking his squawk hey you get out of my way

Black Crow picking through the trash
finding bones and bits and fighting with the rats
Track Name: Thrift Shop
Walked right in through the door

There was my baby a struttin' the floor

She stopped right at the clearance rack

Ten cents, 25 cents and half a green back

Met my baby

At the thrift shop

Leopard tights and snakeskin boots

A French beret she’s lookin real cute

She didn’t go for the window attraction

Straight to the bargain bin for her satisfaction

Rainbow laces and tye dyed socks

Cheap perfume and polka-dotted smocks

She's not rich but she's lookin' real posh

All the guys just stop and watch

Sequenced scarf and puma wrist band

Six carat zirconium on her hand

She's got the assets just the right size

Burning holes in hearts with a look from her eyes
Track Name: Magic Wagon Boogie Woogie
Plymouth Voyager from 1985 I can’t believe that thing is still alive

If you want to keep the crowds away from you – I’ll tell you what to do

You drive that thing fast – as fast as you can

Which ain’t very fast – and you sleep out in the back

In a new place every night

They rolled them off of the production line so many people making babies couldn’t do it in time

But somehow someway they made them real smooth let me tell you

6 seats in the back 2 in the front

luggage rack up on top tape cassette in the deck

playing your favorite Beegees song

made it out of dodge now we’re rollin slow

up a big old hill heavy foot to the floor

cars up on our tail just got passed

by a vw bus - goin real fast

actually not too fast but faster than we

he’s goin’ forty four we’re goin’ thirty three

what’s that smell engine’s feeling the heat

but we are staying alive with the fully loaded seat

here comes the top of the hill –let’s see what this thing can do
Track Name: Kick it Around
Kick it around kick it around kick that debt around
Kick it around kick it around until it can't be found

Kicked my debt under the rug but baby it snuck back out
Kicked my debt up to the north
but honey it came back south

If I was a banker I'd tell you what I'd do
I'd put all my debt in a pretty ol' package
then send it back to you

If I was the federal reserve I'd tell you what I'd do
I'd keep on printing mo money mo money
and send the bill off to you

If your a normal man they sure make it hard to hide
the debt keeps piling up like a mountain
a mountain up to the sky

I wish I had a credit card with an unlimited cash flow
but I don't and here I am
It's deeper in debt I go
Track Name: Comfy Bed
My bed is nice and comfy

In my bed I don’t need to make no money

I’m not saying that I’m lazy

But this rat race is driving me crazy

There was a storm last night and my fence fell down

My fence it lays down on the ground

I think I’ll go back to bed

The wily white fox in his sharp business suit

Stealing my nest eggs from my chicken coop

I think I’ll go back to bed

Sat in my chair to sing and to croon

Either my banjo or voice is out of tune

I think I’ll go back to bed

Rolled out of bed feeling grouchy sour and mean

Went to my kitchen not a coffee bean to be seen

I think I’ll go back to bed

Went to the post office to get my mail

Saw all those bills my heart started to fail

I think I’ll go back to bed

Due to a high number of calls at my insurance company

I’ve been waiting 2 hours just to talk to a machine

I think I’ll go back to bed

I used to love the ferris wheel now it’s making me sick

But the carnival operator won’t let me off of it

I think I’ll go back to bed

With all of this stress my body is shakin’

I need a woman who brings home the bacon

I think I’ll go back to bed
Track Name: Let the Storms Come
Up in the mountains

The river is rushing

Down towards the sea

rocks it is grinding

down in the river

to our valley home

from my garden

Tomatoes and peaches

Ripe on the vine

the salmon are pushing

up against the river

they give life and then they die

the only salmon

that stops swimming

has given up its life

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